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Charlotte Spine & Pain Relief

Charlotte Spine & Pain Relief Center, located in Mint Hill, NC, is not a traditional chiropractic office. Doctor Kelley Helmendach is setting a new standard of care for her patients. “At our core, we are ‘healers’ not ‘treaters;’ our goal is to use our combined education and technology to heal the patient, not simply treat their symptoms of discomfort.”

At Charlotte Spine & Pain Relief Center you will receive a complimentary comprehensive consultation whether you are considering the NDS Method to avoid back and neck surgery, Chiropractic care, NDS method on the DRX9000, weight-loss assistance, State of the art Peripheral neuropathy treatment or one of our other many services.

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NDS Method

The "NDS" Method

The Charlotte Spine & Pain Relief Center utilizes advanced therapeutic modalities and techniques to provide long lasting pain relief. Our focus is to provide state of the art non-surgical spinal decompression (NDS) to relieve back and neck pain caused by spinal stenosis, sciatica, herniated disc problems.

You Can Once Again Return to a Life Without the Pain Associated with a herniated or bulging disc!

Dr. Helmendach, DC at the Charlotte Spine & Pain Relief Center will do a spinal disc severity examination to determine the extent of your disc damage. This examination will consist of a detailed neurological evaluation, extensive orthopedic testing and a detailed analysis of the findings of your evaluation. He will sit down with you and go over your condition in complete detail. You will know exactly what is causing your pain, or other symptoms.

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Spinal Decompression Explained

What is the NDS Method? (NDS)

The discs of the spine may deteriorate, bulge or herniate. A disc herniation can occur in any disc of the spine, but the most common occur in the lumbar region. Symptoms of a herniated disc can vary depending on the location of the herniation and type of tissue involved.

The NDS method gently pulls the vertebral joints apart.

It is believed this process produces a negative pressure inside the disc causing any herniated material to slowly recede back into the disc.

To view a 3D animation explaining this treatment click below.

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Video Patient Testimonial

"I would recommend to all of my friends and family"

Video Patient Testimonial

"Only after 2 weeks I felt pain relief!"
- Lynnette

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